The Mist and the Lightning. Part 3

The Mist and Lightning. Part 3. Обложка английская. Художник Оленчинкова Татьяна

Lis came up to Nikto.
«Well? Strip, whore!»
Nikto didn’t move: he sat in front of them, his lips swollen, eyes lined, and on his forehead it was written ‘Arel’s bitch’.
«Don’t you hear me? I order you to strip. Do what I say!»
«Lis, it’s enough.»
«Shut up, Enriki! And you – do what I say!»
Nikto started taking off his clothes.
«What are you doing? You’re not playing any more,» Tol said in fright.
Now Nikto sat there fully naked; there were clear red lines on his shoulders left by Orel’s lash.
Enriki turned away. He seemed to regret supporting Lis’s idea.
Nikto knelt in front of Lis.
«Now suck me,» Lis ordered unlacing his crotch and taking out his soft, limp cock.
Vil ran out of the room; nobody paid attention. Breathless, they looked at Lis and Nikto.
«Take it in your mouth! Make it hard, you know how to do it. You suck well, don’t you? Orel thought you! I don’t hear your answer.»
«Yes,» Nikto’s voice was lifeless.
«Then start!» Lis came up to Nikto very closely. He grabbed Nikto’s hair with one hand and took his cock in the other, pressed it to Nikto’s lips. «Come on! Open up and suck!»
Everyone froze; Nikto also didn’t move.
«Come on.»

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