The Mist and the Lightning. Part 2

The Mist and Lightning. Part 2. Обложка английская. Художник Оленчинкова Татьяна

Orel raised his head.
«Nik, I’m a total shit. I couldn’t bring you any pleasure at all. You didn’t even feel anything.»
«Well, I did feel something.»
Orel laughed. «It’s not what I meant.»
«All right, I’m joking,» Nikto said. «But you want too much from me, don’t you think so?»
«I think I didn’t fuck so horribly since I was a boy!» Orel said. «I disgraced myself before you. I was about to come when you just touched my cock to check if I had a hard-on.»
«But you screamed really expressively: ‘Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!'»
«I’m a fool but I just don’t know how to treat you, you’re so different from anyone else.»
«I’m different for others but not for you.»
«You’ll be surely laughing when recalling this night,» Orel said in distress.
«No,» Nikto shook his head. «I don’t feel like laughing at all. Arel, I need to tell you something. It is very serious.»
Orel looked at him in fear.
«What? What do you need to say? Are you leaving?»
«No, forget that!» Nikto paused, then looked at Orel. He seemed distressed. Orel paled.
«Oh gods! Tell me now, don’t look so horribly!»

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