The Mist and the Lightning. Part 1

Обложка английская


They are not offspring of Hell; they just lived nearby…
Arel Chig is a fallen prince, the only one who dares to break the rules in a society separated by race, language and origin. When he meets Nikto, a strange man of many secrets, Arel’s life is going to change.

Part 1
This story actually happened in a different reality (a different dimension, a parallel world); you can call it whatever you like, whatever you used to, whatever is convenient for you. Its essence will not change with that. All characters in the story exist and interact just like we exist and interact in our world. Only their names, the names of the gods, peoples and territories are not authentic; they just express the basic meaning the characters put into them.

1 Nikto is translated as ‘Nobody’
2 Orel is translated as ‘Eagle’
3 Lis is translated as ‘Fox’
4 Tol is translated as ‘Fat’

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